Duties of the officers


  • Be the official representative of SLATSA for faculty and prospective students
  • Write welcome email as soon as information about incoming students is released by SLAT coordinators (i.e., by June)
  • Recruit and assign peer mentors (buddies) for incoming students and write email to incoming students introducing peer mentors
  • Coordinate and/or designate all activities of SLATSA. Coordinate in conjunction with officers
  • Serve as head of Roundtable Committee and work in consultation with committee members. Oversee organization of SLAT Roundtable
  • Call SLATSA meetings and prepare agenda
  • Organize SLATSA nominations and elections, except for election of officers (see Vice President responsibility d)
  • Attend SLATSA meetings


  • Manage, budget, and allocate SLATSA bank account and funds, including assisting social chairs with their semester budget
  • Co-organize SLAT Roundtable. Some duties include:
    • Oversee budget for SLAT Roundtable by working with SLAT administration, SLATSA Roundtable Committee, SLATSA Development Coordinator, and SLATSA President
  • File tax form 990-N before May
  • Organize SLATSA nominations and election of officers for the next academic year between March and April
  • Assume duties of President, when necessary
  • Become President the year following their term as Vice President/Treasurer
  • Attend SLATSA meetings

SLATSA Recorder

  • Assist in coordination of SLATSA activities by maintaining SLATSA Calendar
  • Coordinate and distribute course feedback survey; synthesize relevant information and present to SLATSA, SLAT Chair, and ExCo as appropriate
  • Take SLATSA meeting minutes
  • Report SLATSA meeting minutes to current SLATSA members
  • Attend SLATSA meetings

Working Papers  Senior Editor

  • Find a faculty advisor
  • Share proposed call, deadline dates, and posting date with SLATSA President
  • Send out calls for papers. In addition, promote call for papers to Roundtable presenters through announcements on the Roundtable website and at the conference
  • Supervise first round of reviews. Provide instructions and deadlines to Working Papers Junior Editor
  • Find reviewers inclusive of all SLAT areas and guest editors as needed
  • Conduct final reviews of accepted papers
  • Prepare manuscript for publication
  • Arrange posting of working papers with SLATSA webmaster and UA library to arrange publication of working papers
  • Attend SLATSA meetings

Working Papers  Junior Editor

  • Read and review submitted papers
  • Coordinate review process with Working Papers Senior Editor
  • Meet and work with SLATSA Senior Editor and Faculty Advisor
  • Attend SLATSA meetings

Development Coordinator

  • Coordinate with both SLATSA Treasurer/Vice President and SLAT’s Administrative Assistant to maintain a budget and financial records for the Roundtable
  • Write grant proposals for the Roundtable
  • Actively strive to raise funds, apply for grants for events year-round, and SLATSA/SLAT activities (including T-shirts or other fundraising activities)
  • Attend SLATSA meetings

SLATSA Liaisons (team of 2)

  • Serve as a liaison between SLATSA and SLAT Executive Committee (ExCo); SLATSA and the English Graduate Union (EGU); as well as SLATSA and Graduate Interdisciplinary Programs Advisory Council (GIDPAC) student committee meetings
  • Attend monthly meetings of SLAT Executive Committee as permitted, typically second part of meeting for approximately 30 minutes but may be longer or shorter
  • Attend biweekly meeting of EGU, typically 1 hour long and/or relay report to EGU SLAT representative (1 Liaison)
  • Attend GIDPAC student committee meetings as applicable (1 Liaison)
  • Contact SLATSA members prior to meeting to inquire of any issues or concerns that need to be addressed to SLAT ExCo, EGU, and/or GIDPAC student committee
  • Present any issues or concerns from SLATSA to SLAT ExCo, to EGU and/or to GIDPAC student committee
  • Take meeting minutes
  • Report meeting minutes to current SLATSA members
  • Attend SLATSA meetings

Social Coordinators (team of 2)

  • Send invitation to the Buddy Party to incoming cohort
  • Organize Welcome Party, Buddy Party, Roundtable Potluck, and End of Year Party in coordination with SLAT Director and/or SLATSA President
  • Help SLAT Chair with any other official SLAT and SLATSA parties
  • Suggest, help coordinate, and publicize other social events. Notify SLATSA President and membership of any potential events
  • Encourage involvement and make active SLATSA recruitment efforts
  • Manage social budget via SLATSA Treasurer/Vice President
  • Attend SLATSA meetings

Web Master

  • Manage subscribers to SLATCOM
  • Keep SLATSA website updated in regards to SLATSA, and SLATSA members’ information. This includes design, maintenance, and active links to Arizona Working Papers.
  • Publish calendar of events via SLATSA Recorder on SLAT website
  • Keep SLATSA website updated in regards to Roundtable including publishing CFP, Roundtable schedule, program, speakers, accommodations, etc.
  • Attend SLATSA meetings

RoundTable Committee (team of 3)

  • Serves as principal organizing body of the SLAT Roundtable.
  • Works with SLATSA President, SLATSA Vice President/Treasurer, SLATSA Webmaster, and SLATSA Development Coordinator
  • Divide Roundtable duties outlined in the constitution in accordance with the SLATSA President. Duties include (but are not limited to):
    • Create and distribute call for Papers
    • Select and organize reviewers and reviewing process
    • Accept/reject submissions and send notification emails
    • Draft and publish schedule and program
    • Respond to inquiries
    • Reserve rooms
    • Coordinate and/or delegate the purchase of food
    • Assist Keynote Speaker before and during Roundtable. Introduce speaker at the beginning of their keynote speech
    • Assist Plenary Speaker before and during Roundtable. Introduce speaker at the beginning of their plenary speech