Faculty Membership Information

The SLAT GIDP recognizes two kinds of formal membership:

  • Regular members are those who are significantly active in the SLAT Program. Significant activity includes but is not limited to: (a) serving on a SLAT committee; (b) chairing/serving on a SLAT dissertation committee; (c) chairing/serving on a SLAT comprehensive exam committee; (d) teaching a graduate course that may count towards the SLAT degree; and/or (e) conducting ongoing scholarship resulting in publication, presentation, teaching innovation, and/or other professional activity in SLAT-related fields. 
  • Affiliate members are those with a general interest in SLAT-related fields who wish to be fully informed of the SLAT Program’s operation, and who wish to engage in a limited subset of SLAT Program activities.  

All University Graduate Faculty may hold Regular or Affiliate membership in SLAT. All tenured/tenure-eligible and continuing status/continuing status-eligible SLAT Graduate Faculty are eligible to chair dissertation committees or comprehensive exam committees. (See also section 1.15 of the Graduate Faculty Policy for important criteria information about the endorsement to chair a doctoral committee.)

Regular members may choose to reduce their commitment to SLAT and step down to Affiliate status should their teaching or research duties lessen. It is emphasized that these Regular and Affiliate memberships do not represent primary or secondary citizenship in the SLAT GIDP. Rather they are a means of explicitly identifying a member’s level of active involvement in the SLAT Program. All SLAT faculty shall be considered Graduate Faculty of SLAT.

Requests for membership must include:

  • CV
  • Cover letter explaining why the faculty member seeks membership and what specific benefits will accrue to the SLAT program if the request is granted. Details of envisioned contributions (e.g., mentoring, advising, leading workshops, writing or reading group organizing, other) beyond teaching and research in the area of applied linguistics should be outlined in the letter.

Please submit a request for faculty membership by filling out this online form: https://forms.gle/nQTGnpoiVmV27Pbs8  Your CV and cover letter will be uploaded into the form, and the SLAT Program Coordinator will be in touch after the form is submitted. The Program Coordinator will present the request for consideration to the SLAT Executive Council. Membership is granted by majority vote of the SLAT Executive Council.