Support SLAT Students and Programs at the University of Arizona!

The Second Language Acquisition and Teaching (SLAT) Ph.D. program is committed to increasing private support for its students’ outstanding research and service activities. SLAT seeks funds to provide increased financial support for its students who depend on it to sustain and disseminate their research. Small research grants allow SLAT students to pay human subjects for their participation in the studies they conduct or buy equipment and software necessary for collecting and analyzing their data. Travel to conferences, where SLAT students disseminate their research findings and receive invaluable feedback from peers in the field, make important career contacts, and interview for academic positions is a crucial but expensive aspect of graduate student academic life. Most domestic conference expenses total between $1000 and $1500 and are often out of reach for many SLAT students. SLAT wants to make sure that all students enrolled in the program have the opportunity to start, maintain, and expand their reach and impact.

Donations to SLAT are tax-deductible, payable to the University of Arizona Foundation, a 501-C3 organization. Donors may indicate whether their donation includes matching funds from an employer, whether the donation is given in honor of an individual or organization, and whether they wish to donate anonymously. The University of Arizona Foundation online giving site facilitates the selection of these options:


Donate by Check

Make checks out to “The University of Arizona Foundation“ and include “SLAT Program” in the memo line. The University of Arizona Foundation will provide you with a receipt for tax purposes once your check has been deposited.

Mail checks to:
SLAT Program, The University of Arizona
Harvill, Room 241
1103 East 2nd Street
Tucson AZ 85721-0076

Donate by Credit Card

If you would like to donate using your credit card, click on the button below and make a donation online with the University of Arizona Foundation.