Language Program Administration: Graduate Certificate & Ph.D. Minor

SLAT offers a Ph.D. Minor and a Graduate Certificate in Language Program Administration. This program focuses on providing the knowledge and skills specific to administration within a collegiate foreign/second language program setting. Course requirements and elective options are listed below. 

Language Program Administration PhD Minor and Certificate

This program is offered as a PhD Minor for doctoral students enrolled in the either the SLAT PhD program or another doctoral program at the University of Arizona, or as a stand-alone Graduate Certificate. Individuals interested in the stand-alone certificate should have a graduate degree in teaching a second or foreign language. The program focuses on providing the knowledge and skills specific to administration within a collegiate foreign/second language program. Students will learn about the various responsibilities that language program administrators have and gain practical experience in several areas central to the position. 

The skills and experiences earned during the Language Program Administration minor/graduate certificate program have helped many of our alumni secure interesting professional roles both inside and outside of academia. A sampling of job titles of some recent alumni includes:

  • Assistant Director of Instructional Technologies at University of Arizona
  • Assistant Director of Technology at Brown University, Center for Language Studies
  • Attorney in Tucson, AZ
  • Assistant Professor of German at Elon University
  • Assistant Professor of Applied Linguistics at University of Texas, Rio Grande
  • Owner of Italian Matters
  • Supervisor of French Language Program at University of Georgia
  • Lecturer of Writing and Critical Inquiry at SUNY Albany
  • Visiting Assistant Professor of First-Year Writing at University of Connecticut
  • Spanish Teacher with Laveen School District (Phoenix, AZ)
  • Language Program Director and Lecturer at University of Minnesota

Course Requirements (12 units total)

Part A
Core Courses, select 1 course in each area (9 credits)


  • SLAT 570 Leaderships for Program Administration: Institutional Contexts
  • EDL 560 Trends in Educational Leadership
  • HED 609 Organization and Administration in Higher Education.


  • SLAT 571 Language Program Administration
  • SLAT 574 Conceptualizing, Designing, and Directing Foreign Language Programs


  • SLAT 572 Language Program Evaluation: Policies, Standards, and Practice
  • EDL 601 Evaluation of Educational Programs and Personnel
  • EDP 582A Educational Evaluation

Part B
Electives, select 1 course (3 credits)


  • ENGL 589 Internet Technologies in Second and Foreign Language Education
  • FREN 581 Technology and Foreign Language Learning
  • SPAN 581C Online Course Design for Advanced Language Courses


  • FREN 588 Materials Design
  • SLAT/GER 587 Assessment in Second/Foreign Language Learning


  • GER 518 Intercultural Communication and Second Language Acquisition
  • FREN 586 Language Learning in Study Abroad Context


  • EDL 696A Topics in Educational Leadership: Professional Development


  • SLAT 693 Internship


Students are advised by Dr. Suzanne Panferov Reese, the SLAT Area Chair for the LPA Minor/Graduate Certificate. The SLAT Area Chair for this program advises potential and current students on all matters including understanding the course schedule offerings (many, if not all, of the courses can be completed online), helping students arrange internships in administration, and reviewing and approving any requested course substitutions. Transfer coursework (non-UA coursework) will typically not be accepted. However in special circumstances, the Area Chair may approve up to 3 units of transfer coursework. 

Application Instructions for the Graduate Certificate

To access the online application for SLAT’s Graduate Certificate in Language Program Administration, please go to and follow the instructions to create an account and submit your materials. Questions may be directed to